7 features I want on Instagram

No matter how much we love something, there’s always room for improvement… And no matter that Instagram seduces more users and brands everyday – they  beat Twitter in number of users last december, we all have a wishlist with improvements we hope they arrive one day…

Mine is the following:

1. Analytics. How many times have you wondered about the reach and impacts your posts have had? Is your strategy the right one or maybe you should try new things? AnalyticsThese are repetitive question to me, even more since Twitter launched its platform of analysis.

2. Multi-user Login. I insist in Twitter as an example; those who manage more than an account in Instagram – due to the increase of brands in this Social Network this will be usual in the future – would gain much confort if they simplify this process. I must confess that many times I desist to upload new content, as for example if I am in the street and have not a lot of time.

Multiplataforma3. Full usability from desktop. I accept that Instagram is a social network designed for mobile devices, and from my conservative side I think that being able to use it from a computer would make it lose its essence. But… If Instagram really wants to seduce brands, it must make it easy for those who manage them. That means being able tu upload pictures from our computers. Or we will have to demand for a salary-plus for new glasses!

4. Full integration with Twitter. How many of you share content from Instagram to Twitter? I mean not in personal accounts, but professional –brands– ones. Just a few of you, uh? On the opposite of what happens with Facebook, when you share a post both in Instagram and Twitter at the same time, you won’t see the image automatically, you will see a link that will allow you to open the picture. Too many clicks in the I-want-it-now era and probably a lose of engadgement due to a poor impact. This happens since Facebook bought Instagram.

5. Enable links. Navigation through mobile devices is on the rise, it is a fact, and since Instagram claims to be a mobile app, maybe I should adapt to trends and allow once we could add links in our publications, especially if, as I said before, they want to seduce brands.

6. Programming posts. Yes. We want to program publications. And from the computer. I am not a conservative anymore. And all because of not having a multi-account system. Come on, it is the latter have sought. A part of the profit it would have on the management of the day, of course…

oops7. Comment edition. They give us an inch and we take a mile. Now that they have enabled post edition – which is a plus, it is not so frightening to misspell when you are posting from the bus trying not to fall down in the next traffic light – I want them to enable the edition of comments. I want my second chance right!

And a bonus:

8. Adding OST to videos. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear the music we want when we upload a video? We could call it the fussion between Instagram and Dubsmash, but making the process in two ways.

I now these are demands that attempt on the alternative and mobile essence of Instagram, but what can I say, it’s been a while since Instagram is not a hipster app anymore, and since it is now a mainstream marketing tool, it can only adapt or dieLogotipo Instagram.

I think that if Zuckerberg bought the platform and he is taking care of renew Facebook’s design regularly, he will do the same with Instagram, but when?

What do you think, do you have any more demand?



  1. […] I would like to point out that since the purchase of Instagram, in 2012, we can no longer share pictures to Twitter from this network and make them look as an image and not as a link, which is a thing that really annoys me!!! I mentioned it in my articles 7 features I want on Instagram. […]


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