What happens on the Internet in 60 seconds

60 seconds in internet | Maria in the net
1 minute. 60 seconds in which you can make millions of things as you warm a baby bottle at 6am and prepare the coffee maker at the same time as you try to calm your baby down. 60 long seconds while you are waiting for your train in the platform because you have just missed it and the next one will leave you with just minutes to do the shopping before you get to pick the kids up.
 Einstein was right about time and relativity, but there’s one think that is true, and it’s the amount of things happening in internet in just 60 seconds. I want to share with you a couple of infographics which I find interesting. These data shows what happens on the Internet in 60 seconds. I have found many infographics but many did not show the date, and I think when displaying this kind of information, the date is essential. Without it, we can not place the data and these are just empty numbers.

From my point of view, this first infography, published in November 2014 by the Centre for Teaching and Learning is very interesting to have a comparison of previous years.
Thus, in 2012-2014 we see the immense growth of Instagram – an astonishing increase of 1,078.16% – photo on sending mails-a slight increase of 21.43%. According to the same graphics, the stratospheric jump star status updates on Facebook, experiencing an increase of 4,058.21% (from 79,361 posts / minute in 2012 to 3,300,000 posts / minute in 2014.

Now two infographics by Qmee. Data shows something different to previous infographics, hence know the date of publication of the data is so important. They are two infographics published in July 2013 and July 2014 respectively, and I show you them one next to the other so you can better appreciate the differences in the data.
Some data is unchanged from one year to another, and some quite different from the previous infographics.
According Qmee, the big winner is Instagram, experiencing an increase of uploaded photos of almost 1,800%!

60 segundos en Social Media | Maria en la red 60 segundos en Social Media | Maria en la red

They are funny facts that can entertain, but as you see, we must be critical and consult more than one source!


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