How do bears hunt?

I’m not bringing news from Social Media nor marketing strategies through microsites. Today’s post is more relaxing – and addictive.

I’m gonna show you, which offers a list of webcams filming the animal world. Small large windows to see from our home how living species live worldwide.
If you like nature, specially animals, you will love this website.
It’s a bit like mixing BBC documentaries with Big Brother.

The discovery

From TV program Arucitys (8TV) they showed the bear’s webcam in Katmai National Park (Alaska, EEUU), due because of Javier Ricou, the journalist who always tells the news about the bears of the Pirenees. es quien siempre relata las noticias referentes a los osos del Pirineo. Thanks to them I met this website, and I have been discovering and will proceed to reel.


In the main page of the site you will find (by now), the webcam to the bears:explore web

A little further down, you can choose more webcams in a grid. There are connections to many places in the world: some Natural Parks in the United States, some reserve in Kenya, Gengda Valley (China) or even a refuge for rescued cats.

explore web webcams


When we choose a webcam, we will be able to see – just for a few seconds – information about our connection: location, local time, sunrise and sunset hours, as well as local temperature:

explore web walrus

I must say that I have spotted some mistake: If you have a closer look to the following screen capture of Gengda Valley (China) camera, in which you will find cutie panda bears, it is suposed to be almost 11 pm and the sun sets at 1/2 8 pm… Why is it day time, then?

explore web panda
Notice that in this previous capture there are 3 miniatures: they are alternative cameras on the same place, different points of view. You will find this option in some cameras

Not all cameras connect to natural environments, there are some set in zoos, like the panda bears whe have seen or the polar bears:

osos polares zooOr some fish tanks:

sharkBut if you like sharks (I do love them), you can’t miss the Shark Cam in Cape Fear (North Carolina, EEUU). Stay connected for a while… and maybe you’ll see one!shark 2

Who do you want to PEEP AT?

There are many animals to peep at. I have shown some, but there are also bird cams:
bird islandYou can even peep at a honeycomb:

explore web abejas

Did you like it?
I’m going to play the webcams on my TV and let’s see if we can stop watching Peppa Pig for a while.


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