How to boost the impact of your responses in Twitter

Twitter has introduced some changes recently in aim to improve its system.

We already now that since July we can send Direct Messages skipping the 140 character limit. Also, we can see our statistics without having to go out from the app or page.


Cómo mejorar la visibilidad de tus respuestas en Twitter | Maria en la redSome time ago they implemented a solution to have all the messages of a discussion together, so that the TL would be clean and neat and would be easier for the users to follow the dialogue.
Consequently, they also changed the way of showing the tweets, so that the answers came to be regarded as a kind of secondary tweet that do not make sense to be without leading statement, so the do not appear in the TL of the users.
In addition, Twitter has moved to consider any tweet that starts with the name of a user (by labeling), is a response to another tweet, so although that may not be true, it considers it as a secondary tweet

That means that if you want to talk about someone and you start your tweet with his / her username, the rest of the users won’t be able to see this tweet when they check your Twitter profile. And as it happens with the responses in Twitter, its impact will also be minor, because the microblogginf network consider they are not as relevant as a principal tweet.



There is a way to make a response, or a tweet that starts labeling someone, get the right consideration to Twitter.

The solution is very simple and it has spread quicky, mainly thank you to the media accounts whose headlines use to start with a label.
If what Twitter wants is that the tweet does not begin with a label, then why not adding a character first?
And what about a discrete point? 

Cómo aumentar el impacto de tus respuestas en Twitter | Maria en la red


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