Facebook enables its Safety Check in Chile. What is it?

Yesterday we knew about the 8,4 earthquacke that took place in Chile. We know that some aftershocks have also occurred and a part from material damages we have to lament personal losses too.

Many years ago, Chileans around the world would have taken hours or days making sure that their loved ones were safe. Postcards, phone calls that maybe would not have worked because of the material damages… Fortunately technology advances!
Internet has made things easier for us in the field of communication. And  Facebook, as they do in emergency cases, has re-activated the Safety Check. Mark Zuckerberg announced it in his Facebook profile:safety check

What is the Safety Check?

The Safety Check is a security verification that Facebook enables in an affected area so users in that place can say that they are OK. It is shown by default on the wall of the users, so they see it as soon as they connect to the Social Network and they can verify their status.
If your profile does not figure as a user there, but you’re on a trip or vacation, you can do so through a link *.
That allow its their contacts in the rest of the world to know that that user is safe.
Within seconds and with just a few clicks, information travels around the world bringing a message of calm.

safety check 2

Your friends’ verification is something like this:



*In this situation,  the link to verify you’re safe is the following:
A simple and great initiative from Facebook in their quest to unite people. Well done, Mark!
My best wishes to Chile!


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