Humor: 7 SEO jokes

For those who do not know about SEO, I’m gonna start this post with a brief introduction about it.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of strategies and techniques to improve the organic positioning – that means priceless – of a website. By this is meant to make, for example, that when someone looks for where to buy polka dot socks in Coventry, the website of your clothing shop will be the first to appear on Google, so this person can enter into your website and buy the polka dot socks to you.

I will write about SEO in another post, but broadly speaking, there are some technical aspects -Code and structure of the web- to consider, but above all we must consider which words can be those that users write on the search engine to find our website.
If you are looking for polka dot socks you can also write pindot socks or spot patterned socks. These are linguistic nuances that must be considered in SEO, and once made this stroke, now you can all understand the jokes.

Here I compile which, in my opinion, are the best jokes about SEO I’ve found on the net -just by now!-

Hope you enjoy them! 🙂

What my parents think I do / What my friends think I do / What my boss thinks I do What society thinks I do / What I think I do / What I really do



lightbulb seo | Maria in the net


Did you like them? Send me your feedback!


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