How to add emojis on Twitter from a computer

If you tweet from iOS, there is no doubt you can add emojis to your text as much as you want, but what about if you’re tweeting from a computer?

Maybe it is not so usual for you to tweet from a computer in your personal accounts. Quizás desde vuestras cuentas personales no sea una práctica tan habitual: According to a study in 2012 (in Spanish), about 70% of users get connected to Twitter through their smartphone.
But if you are tweeting from desktop… how can you add emoji’s in your messages?

There’s a simple website that will allow you to select an emoji and insert it wherever you like with just a copy-paste.

It’s this one.

There’s really almost nothing in the site but all the emojis you can find in whatsapp:

emoji twitter simbolo

On the top, you will see a textbox in which you can even write yout tweet as you add the emoji; there is a little counter in the upper right corner, so you will not spend the limit of 140 characters.

You can copy the emoji by using the Copy button (copiar), or you can select the text and do copy-paste.
emoji twitter

How do you do it?

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