#FreeBacon, or how we defend the unhealthy…

What a mess has caused the WHO with the meat!

We got up last Monday with the bad news that they have lumped together tobacco and meat, as long as cancer risk is concerned.

That, as could have been imagined, has caused a big alarm – yellow headlines make us talk more. Tthey are not really saying anything we did not know before, that meat is not suposed to be the basis of our nutrition, but we should ingest it as much as 3-4 times a week.

What the WHO has said is that the regular intake of processed meat can increase up to 18% chance of developing cancer.
And obiously, controversy has been served.
Because WHO is now banning pleasures of life. Because nobody knows a vegan who is 150 years old. And beacause Monday is the day when I return to the diet after the weekend, and I find it very cruel to fill Internet with bacon pictures.

And I wonder (among many things) what happens with Gregg’s, as this is the picture I saw that Monday morning in the news:

freebacon greggs
As we could expect, Twitter has been the platform to avoid the banning of bacon, by using the hashtag #FreeBacon.
Here you have some of the reactions I’ve seen. Many of them are in Spanish but you will find the translation under:

freebacon alechugar
They want to ‘lettuce us’. Join the resistence!
freebacon jamon
VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCE: If you receive this in Christmas, do not touch, someone is trying to kill you.
freebacon tabaco
Tobacco and processed meat

#FreeBacon | Maria en la red

freebacon jjv freebacon telepizza

freebacon blog de cine

freebacon homer simpson
A heroe of our society like Homer Simpson can’t be wrong.
freebacon peppapig
Identity of WHO redactors revealed.

#FreeBacon | Maria en la red freebacon lazo

#FreeBacon | Maria en la red

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