Twitter extends its User follow accounts up to 5,000

Last Wednesday 28th October, Twitter Support service announced that from now on, the limit of User follow accounts had been extended up to 5,000 – they were 2,000 until now.

Following 5000 | Maria in the net

According to the Support centre article, it is a way to avoid the aggressive followings and the follow churn.
The aggressive follow consists in a massive following in a short period of time, only to get attention and consequently attract more followers.
The follow churn is an strategy through which the user makes a massive follow-unfollow. As in the previous behavior, it is used to attract attention, but also to change the ratio between followers and followed accounts.

These are quite annoying attitudes for many users, so they have been qualified as spam, and that may result in the account suspension.

These behaviours can be done by a user or may be automatized, that means that they can be done by apps or by buying followers, and that’s why Twitter do not allow them.

We must say that Twitter has no limit for the people you can follow, but a propotion between followed and followers must be respected. To avoid this aggressive track, Twitter will not allow you to follow 10,000 accounts if you only have 100 followers.


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