Gadgets: Emoji Keyboard

In a previous post I wrote about how to add Emoji to your tweets, but if that was not enough for you, maybe you are a geek and what you need is not a web application but a deeper hardware support. To all of you, the Company Emoji Works has developed the Emoji Keyboard!

As they claim on their website, “you deserve more than 26 letters”, and thank you to this keyboard you will not only add emoji’s in an easier way, but also “10 times faster than your friends!”

Emoji keyboard |Maria in the net

Their Three Versions

The Emoji Keyboard is available in three versions: the standard version, the Plus version y la versión Pro.
The difference between them is the quantity of emoji they add to the keyboard. Also, in the Plus and Pro version they include the skin tone selector:

Emoji Keyboard skintone | Maria in the net We can not avoid talking about prices. The most simple version of the Emoji Keyboard will cost you $49,95, the Emoji Keyboard Plus costs $74,95 and if you want to buy the Emoji Keyboard Pro you will have to pay $99,95.

Here you have the three versions:

Teclado Emoji simple | Maria in the net
Emoji Keyboard
Teclado Emoji Plus | Maria in the net
Emoji Keyboard Plus
Teclado Emoji Pro | Maria in the net
Emoji Keyboard Pro

System Requirements

The Emoji Keyboard really looks like an Apple keyboard, take notice that it also has its Command button! Obviously it has been designed focused in their products, and due to emojis are mainly used in mobile messages apps, it is fully supported in iOS9. If you prefer desktops, it is also compatible with OS X El Capitan. Anyway, if you are not an Apple user you can also get it, as long as you use Windows 10 – and that’s not for sure, as some versions are beta and could not be supported…

It works with Bluetooth and two included AAA batteries.

Teclado Emoji iOS | Maria in the net

D’you want to see it in action? This is the promo video:

You can buy it here!

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