Community Manager’s best jokes on 28th December

28th December in Spain is the equivalent to April Fools’ Day in United Kingdom. 

Some of the big brands have not let pass the occasion by, and as online marketing specialists, they have taken the opportunity to go viral.

They have not used a particular hashtag, so they don’t reveal their jokes. Here I show you some of the actions they have done in Spain:


Nocilla is a chocolate spread cream that launched a new product… How long would it last?

si nocilla
“With the new Nocilla’s chocolate cream, many will want to kiss you once and again”


Nesquik played in Facebook, although we’ve seen in Twitter the English version of this launch.

si nesquick
“Do you want your little one to eat more veggies? Here you have Brocholi Nesquik! Irresistible taste and rich in C-Vitamine. Perfect to start the day high in energy!”

Valor Chocolates

Another chocolate one, please!

si valor
“We’re glad to present you Chocolat, our new chocolate fragance. Soon in perfumeries and department stores!”

Nestlé Ice creams

Even in the cold, Nestlé ice creams also have launch a new product, very according to this Christmas season of eating turrón:

si helados nestle
“We’re glad to announce a new launch… (9 on 10 dentists do NOT recommend it – the 10th is still trying to chew)”

Estrella Damm

Estrella is a popular beer brand and they have played with a popular and traditional object to drink wine in Catalunya, the porró:

si damm
“They say ‘ham and porró make a good meeting’… Test it with our new format!”


Did someone believe that Telepizza was not going to join this day????  They don’t miss a single opportunity in Social Media!
This time, they offered the tiny tables they put on their pizzas – so they do not stick against the box, on real size for your house.

si telepizzasi telepizza 2


Audi is also an asidual on this virtual events.

si audi.jpg
“Maybe it is real. Or maybe not. What do you think?”


Comunidad de Madrid

Who said that Institutions should keep up their appearances? The regional Comunidad de Madrid has announced the modernization of some of its symbols.

si comunidad de madrid


Iberdrola, an Energy company, has worked on a good joke, videos included… They have played to launch a new smartphone powered with wind power, so if you run off battery, you just need to blow on it… Why is it a joke? Why can’t it be real???




Just in case you have any doubt, Google reminds you they are there to help you.

si google
“We may read very strange news today… I would google them before believe them!”


Which new product do you think it is the best?


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