How should a dog wear trousers?

The colour of the dress, the cat which goes upstairs or downstairs, the horse looking at the front or to the horizon… Internet, and specially Twitter, are the ideal setting to host silly discussions.

The good thing about it? Well, it’s quite funny and we can get other points of view, as we can discuss wih people from cities we will never step to.
The bad part? Everything stays registered, and by everything I mean pub-style-discussions we would maybe not want to remember. Don’t forget that everything we write on Twitter can be used later against us, no matter how much time can go by (have a look at what happened toSergi Guardiola -FCB player for just a few hours, due to his offensive tweets agains the club he did a few years ago- or Guillermo Zapata -a young polititian to whom Twitter register was neither good for him).

The last bug discussion

Jared Keller is the Maxim magazine editor in New York. Last 29th December he launched in Twitter the discussion about how should a dog wear trousers:

Two legs and covering butt, like human trousers? In the end, they are a human invention. Or four legs because dogs have that number of legws?
The tweet sums more than 32,000 RTs and 37,000 likes, and 25,243 users voted in the poll he did:

perros twitter poll

Opinions did not last and Twitter was filled with pictures of dogs wearing trousers. By using the hashtag #DogPants we could see the creativity of many users:

pantalones perro tweet

pantalones perro cuqui

pantalones perro peto

pantalones perro chihuahua

pantalones perro modified

pantalones perro starwars

To end up, a user decided to modify, or fusionate both models of trousers, so he could get the politically correct pair of trousers for a dog:

pantalones perro correctos

Although this 💥CASE CLOSED💥 makes us doubt!

pantalones perro goofy


What do you think about? How should a dog wear trousers?

And what do you think about this online discussions?


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