Instagram increases the length of its videos

Instagram is a quite static social network if we have to talk about design and functionality. I do not want to mean that they live in the past, but the changes and updates they implement are more sutile than other networks, like Facebook or Twitter.


Although they have not solved all the features I asked for in this post, let’s have a look at their most recent updates:

· The addition of new filters
· The possibility of uploading non-squared pictures
· Incorporation of Layouts, to make compositions of images without leaving at all the app
· The change of resolution in which they save the pictures – it used to be 640×640 px, and now it is 1080 x 1080.
· Manage more than one account without log out!


Furthermore, they recently have improved some features of the web version. It is not possible yet to upload photos from a computer, but we can check the entire lists of Follows and Followers, and even follow them from there.

video instagram recordThe most recent change that Instagram has announced in their blog is the increase of its video length. Until now, all users could upload a 15-second clip. Announcers could hang 1-minute pieces.

Instagram understands that the present in Social Media is in video, and they point that in the last six months, users have increased up to a 40% the time they spend watching videos on this platform.

They also have prepared this pice to announce it, and they suggest that what they want is users to enjoy the contents, no matter if that’s @selenagomez with her friends or beauty tutorials by @bretmanrock. Beauty bloggers will be happy with this update, by the way!


Even more, if you use iOS 7.19 version you can make video clips from your pictures! If you’re not using it, don’t worry, you’ll have it too in a while…

Have you used this yer? What do you think about it?

You can read this post in Spanish here.


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