My name’s Maria, I was born in the 80s and we were pioneers in having internet at home. I got to enjoy to that 56k modem melody, and the paths of technology and life led me to make computer studies.Maria Otero

A love story put me in the retail sector, which finally met my technological side, making me discover online marketing and ecommerce.

I amb a lucky person who really works on what I like – at the moment I am working in Social Media in a such ‘thorny’ as the Insurance sector.
I enjoy creating content, developing strategic plans, analyzing its results and keep on learning day by day.

I have decided to write a Social Media blog; no cooking recipes, no maternity, no politics. Just a place to say my opinions and explain my experiences about websites, apps, social networks, etc.

I also do the impossible to find time to continue caring for the big test bench that got me into this world.


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